Barren Earth “On Lonely Towers” review

Barren Earth “On Lonely Towers” review

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Barren Earth “On Lonely Towers

Century Media Records

Finnish metal scene is pretty know, huge and respected worldwide one, but besides of evil black metal there are lots of bands who plays some kind of melodic, symphonic etc metal, you know what I mean. But sometimes there are some truly interesting and original ones. “On Lonely Towers” is the first album from Barren Earth I listened to, and, I played it for about 20 times for three days, and I do not have even little boring moment from there. For me personally, Barren Earth is the band where musicians make very awesome music. Melodic doom/death metal? Yes, here it is. BUT! It was more than successfully mixed with progressive rock! So if you didn’t heard this album still, you’ll hear completely excellent album, where meets doom/death metal heavines ala Amorphis together with progressive rock tunes, which sent me back into some ‘70s… Sounds really impressive, when you hear some progressive tunes, which then growing louder and heavier, and turns into massive doom/death metal! There are two kinds of vocals on album, both clear and growls, and both of them sounds realy nice and “correct”, it comes together with massive rhythm-section, typical slowdowns and etc. Also sometimes when there progressive parts sounds, “On Lonely Towers” has remind me some Katatonia and even Enslaved by parts! All in all – this is pretty mature, professional yet memorable album, which should be heard by all the fans! Favorite track – “Howl”!


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