Billy Gibbons “Perfectamundo” review (by Droll)

Billy Gibbons “Perfectamundo” review (by Droll)

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In our modern high-tech and high speed world we are always forget to relax while pursuit of money. Forget to enjoy not the new gadget, but good music, live conversation or a glass of tasty alcohol (not for to get drunk, but relax). Or just to forget that all of us like a squirrel in the cage.
And there are some doubts that it is more plastic and soulless in modern world. But there are some good exceptions of this shitty rule. One of is magnificent album Perfectamundo from ZZ Top vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons.
Musically this album is a great mix of hardy blues (which was always inherent to ZZ Top) and latino, Carlos Santana style. As music easily changes to samba and mambo, Billy change lyrics language from English to Spanish and back. Or sings in both simultaneously.
And, of course, there are beautiful keyboards. It can be heard as piano, as also some organs, which sounds close to Jon Lord’s instruments.
Album sounds very different, but there is one thing that merge it in something solid: in all songs it can be feel the soul of musician. I beg a pardon for my pathos. But if Perfectamundo listened in calm mood and setting, it will catch attention for a long time. Catchy from the first Slim Harpo’s cover “Got Love If You Want It” till the last “Q-Vo”.
You know, amigo, this is great relaxing music. Turn off your gadgets, take a break. Put your problems aside for a minute. And listen to a good music.

Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s, ladies and gentlemen. With us for today and it seems, for a long time.

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