Black .44 enters studio + video

Black .44 enters studio + video

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Black .44 from Helsinki, Finland hits the studio at the end of February to record their debut album. The band, founded in 2011, plays melodic stoner metal and released their first demo-ep in 2012 receiving some great feedback in the Finnish metal media. Black .44 songs tell dark stories about your regular hometown murderers and those poor souls that just happen to be born crooked or just always seem to make the wrong choices in life. The band is influenced by such artists as Pantera, Black Sabbath, Down and Alice in Chains. Heavy riffs and catchy melodies spiced up with a twist of that southern groove are the trademarks of Black .44.

The album is released in autumn 2015 by Finnish record label Inverse Records. The name and release date of the debut will be announced later.

Hometown Murderer video:

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