Black Sheep Wall “I’m Going To Kill Myself” review

Black Sheep Wall “I’m Going To Kill Myself” review

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Black Sheep Wall “I’m Going To Kill Myself

Season Of Mist

Brrrr… Black Sheep Wall is an American band, I have never heard them, and to be honest I’ll not listen to them not only too often, but also I’m not sure I’ll return to this album anymore… Not because their music is a shit, no, their music is NOT a shit, just I’m not too much into such genre… Here is sludge metal, and when it comes to clear sludge metal parts on “I’m Going To Kill Myself” – then I like it alot, ‘coz they are pure sludge ones, with deep proper sound and measured slow, pressing guitars, but when it crossing with noisy parts – I do not like it, but I know many people like such obscure stuff:); maybe it should be listened under hard drugs? I do not know really. The songs playing time is too long, three songs with around 10 minutes each, and last one… 33 minutes long!!! I honestly listened to this album from the start until the very end, and do you think what I felt? Hehe, just like album title – I’m going to kill myself; truly hard to listen… What is good? Walls of pressing, distorted guitars, typical for this style, and deep atmosphere. What is bad (for me personally) – noisy parts, absolutely weird cover art, looks like this is not music, but some cartoon:), and I also do not like post-metal hysterical screams. That’a all I can say now. Monotonous, slow and deep stuff, for genre lovers!


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