Black Speed Metal Group NIGHT SLASHER Joins Sliptrick Records

Black Speed Metal Group NIGHT SLASHER Joins Sliptrick Records

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Night Slasher was spawned from the smolders of Vilnius back in 2014 under the name “Alcotopia”. The band released their first and twice sold out album It Hits The Spot in 2019 and played support to legends such as Destruction and Necronomicon and played countless shows at home and abroad. After the first release, the creative direction of the band started morphing into something a lot darker and faster completely out growing the bands alco-thrash image. To match the intensity of the new material the band knew they had to take things to the next level and so Night Slasher was born.

From slow ominous melodies to ferocious thrashing to majestic black metal chaos and face melting solos. With a unique voice that conjures mind corrupting melodies while still engulfed in soul tearing grit and growl. Lyrics guide you through dark spiritual journeys fueled by visions of the absurd nightmares of our reality and total demonic self annihilation. Songs progressing through a vast variety of experiences with emphasis on musical uniqueness and total disregard for any bounds set by genres or trends.

All this is brought to life through high energy live shows with the group clad in apocalyptic leather outfits with buzz saw altars over the stage and without ever compromising the raw metal sound that is and will always be the core of Night Slasher’s music.

Night Slasher is:
Laurynas Karka – Vocals | Juozapas Bočkus – Guitar/Backing Vocals | Tomas Ivanovas – Bass/Backing Vocals | Dmitrijus Matvejevas – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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