BLOODHUNTER – Release “Dying Sun” Video [Live In Madrid]

BLOODHUNTER – Release “Dying Sun” Video [Live In Madrid]

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Bloodhunter reissues their self-titled debut album on streaming platforms on the day they would be playing at RESURRECTION FEST, which has been postponed to next year due to the global pandemic.

Bloodhunter Live in Madrid:

The physical release of the album will be on 4th September 2020 through CDMUSIC, featuring new artwork by Gustavo Sazes and 6 live bonus tracks from their show at We Rock in Madrid in 2019. In the meantime, they’re releasing a new live video from the same concert, of the song “Dying Sun” with the special appearance of Marya Von Däss as the nun.

More details will be unveiled regarding the pre-order of the album and merchandise exclusive to the reissue.

As a preview, the band has released another of these bonus tracks in video format with audio and footage from the same concert.

Bloodhunter are currently preparing to enter the studio to record their third album.

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