BLOODTHIRST “Glorious Sinners” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

BLOODTHIRST “Glorious Sinners” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

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BLOODTHIRST “Glorious Sinners”
Pagan Records

Band comes from… hell knows, but as I know music of all BLOODTHIRST who I found I suppose that it’s possible that this one comes from France (but they’re from Poznan, Poland (HAIL RAMBO!!!)). Well, place from where they’re has practically any meaning here indeed. It doesn’t matter if they’re from France, Spain, Mongolia or maybe Mars! Music is important and this is on very high level and deserves to pay more attention to it!

Guys play something what we can call Black Metal for sure. But if you expect another band where musicians play only by feelings (I heard once this sentence from some guy who “played” in such a band) and in vein of “Satan rules. Let’s kill everyone!!!” than you’ll be disappointed. Music is complicated when it takes technical point of view. But this definitely isn’t technic for technic – you know, “listen up how great I can play on my guitar!!!” Technician abilities of musicians are on second place, we can say. It serves to create really dark and dirty music in which there’s happens a lot and where we can clearly hear influences of other kinds of METAL – I hear rather often Thrash riffs, but also some elements of Death Metal. Tempos are various here and change between middle and fast ones during every single song. Law ones are also here of course, but they’re not something what we know from Suicidal Black Metal. We hear also some maybe not so elaborated solos from time to time – when song’s construction need this. So there’s any scheme like “solo must be in middle of song and has at least 15 seconds” As I said everything serves to imperative goal – really evil art!

Anyway, when I saw cover art it was clear as hell for me that I’ll hear for a while something really blasphemous. But somehow I was also sure that it’ll be something in what I’ll fall in love. And I was right! I just love to listen to this band and I’m sure that I’ll back to this stuff! The only thing which I don’t like is that this is so short – it contains only 5 songs. But how songs!!! You can listen to it even 10 times in a row and you’ll don’t be tired of that!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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