Bloodway interview (written by Carla Morton)

Bloodway interview (written by Carla Morton)

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Known as a designer and visual artist who made the artwork for many bands, Costin Chioreanu also take part of the Romanian Progressive Black metal band Bloodway. Last year the band released an EP and soon they will release a new album. Here is an interview with Costin, who answered some questions about Bloodway.

Hello Costin, how are things going?
Hi! We just came back from Rockomotiva Fest from Craiova, where we played along with our friends from Twilight Of The Gods and Avatar. Was a chaotic experience but it is always nice to see again your old friends. Otherwise it’s all about work, lot of work and haste on all levels…

Tell me the history of the band. When was Bloodway formed?
Bloodway was formed in July 2013. I kept all as a secret until late autumn same year. Meanwhile we recorded a demo, we signed a contract with the Italian record label, I,Voidhanger and we recorded along with the producer Marius Costache our EP. The band’s first concert coincided with the release of our first EP in Bucharest, after that we played at some festivals and other events in Romania. From December to April we got back in the rehearsal room to finish the second album, which this time won’t be an EP but a full-length. As April came, we got back to the world, we had a first concert and we worked a lot for it, combining speeches from the philosophy of Alan Watts with moments from the „On The Silver Globe” film made by the Polish director Andrzej Zulawski and with Bloodway messages. The result was a strong one considering that we worked a lot for this arrangement in order to have coherence 100%.

„Sunstone Voyager And The Clandestine Horizon” is the first EP of the band. How the recordings were going?
It was simple and nice, having a demo recorded before entering the studio. We knew what we wanted, we worked with Marius before so everything was an extremely nice thing full of magic. We were very excited to record, to hear how this band sounds for real. And we were very glad when we heard it. All the recording process was like a dream which I felt I was living, a dream full of emotions. Bloodway was born from love, not hate, so this makes a big difference, on many levels.

Are you preparing new materials soon?
Yes, as I said, we finished working on the new material which this time will be a full-length album. We signed a new contract with the same record label because both sides were extremely glad about the results of the first EP. From their side we got promotion on serious media channels from abroad, the CD covered almost the entire Western Europe, Asia and even a small side of the United States. Thinking that it was a debut, I don’t know what we could wish more… The record label offered us a 16 pages booklet for this CD, something that is very rare nowadays, especially when it comes to an EP. It seems they were also glad about the sales, so here we are, signing a new deal for a new material and both sides have bigger plans than in the past.

How was the first concert?
I cannot really put this into words. There were 11 years since I didn’t appear on a stage playing guitar and vocals, and considering that Bloodway’s music is pretty pretentious for someone who is not trained to do both things at the same time, it was a bit exhausting. But I got used quickly and now I am in my element. After years of various frustrations caused by different people, I finally came to do what I enjoy 100% and I feel very good. On these lines I want to thank my bandmates who have always supported me, a fact that means a lot for me. Bloodway is the result of the chemistry between us.

Until now you had concerts in Romania at festivals like Rockstadt and Metalhead Meeting, this year you were again confirmed at Metalhead Meeting. Are there any other concerts confirmed for this year?
We will have a few concerts this autumn that we will announce soon.

What are the lyrical themes about?
Life is the main theme and is unclosed in some apparently complicated stories that have a surrealistic taste.

What people say about this band?
Until now, only those who liked so much the band wanted to inform us about this. The others didn’t notice us about the negative opinions. I did not ask anyone about this because if someone does not say anything about it, it means that this is what one feels and there is no reason to stress him/her out. The music that we play is not for a wide audience, but it seems that those interested in the same the musical area as us are very happy with what we are doing, so this is okay.
Just like I’ve said from the beginning, I made this band to feel good along with the musicians with whom I feel good, making the music that I like, telling my stories at the same time, stories that are part of my life experience which is in a process of permanent updating. If someone runs into the result of this combination, I am glad, what can I say? This means that there are others who think like us. Since the day zero, Bloodway exists without expectations and without trying to please someone. There are too many who do this and I made this mistake so many times in the past that I came to my senses and now I can be damned peaceful and take care of my crazy things.

A message for the fans?
Live in the present and respect your dreams. This way you will be more creative and happy.

Thank you Costin for your time, all the best!
Thank you too, all the best to you as well!

(c) Carla Morton

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