Bound By Metal – metal community!

Bound By Metal – metal community!

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Have you ever thought about how to find some heavy music related people for friendship and maybe even some relations? Of course you did! In standard ways: visiting festivals, local gigs, looking for people in magazines (years ago), etc. But now you can do it easily using the new service Bound By Metal (, where you can find and get in touch with many real people who are looking for friendship, relations, etc. Right now there are a bit more than 1000 active users! For me personally Bound By Metal ( is something like an extremely cool fresh idea to connect metalheads! You know, there are tons of various ‘pop’ portals with some fakes etc, but with Bound By Metal you’ll have access to the database of real people. The portal has a friendly, easy yet cool looking navigation, metal charts, history and map of heavy metal and many more quite interesting tools! If you are looking for some cool metal community online, do not hesitate to visit Bound By Metal now –

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