{brief album review} FAKE IDOLS – Witness (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} FAKE IDOLS – Witness (by Robert Lombardo)

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fake_idols_coverFAKE IDOLS
Scarlet Records
Release: 16 September 2016

Next release from Scarlet recordsFake Idols.

What caught my attention most of all? Of course this statement on press-release – “Featuring a very special guest appearance by MOTÖRHEAD legend PHIL CAMPBELL“! Of course I started to listen to Witness from this song (Mad Fall). Was I impressed? I dunno, hard to say, maybe no, because of entire modern sound over there.

Fake Idols was formed by ex members of Raintime and Slowmotion Apocalypse, to be honest – I have never heard any of those.

Witness is eleven tracks album. Musically here is some mixture between hard rock and heavy metal. Made without old-school feelings unfortunately, but, listenable from time to time. The songs structure comes with good ideas, with shredding quitars and good guitar solos, but again – those modern tunes killing all the positive thoughts I could get…

So, Witness is mostly for those who like some modern sounds, but not for those into real metal massacre or real rock alcofun, and, unfortunately not for me.

I do not recommend this stuff for fans from all around, but only for those who have heard some stuff from Fake Idols before.

Cheers from France! / Rob

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