{Brief album review} Minenwerfer / 1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – (by Robert Lombardo)

{Brief album review} Minenwerfer / 1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – (by Robert Lombardo)

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1914-split-1500-1500Minenwerfer / 1914
Ich hatt einen Kameraden
Archaic Sound
Release: 15 September 2016

Okay, in a three days people will be able to get this split CD, released by Ukrainian metal label Archaic Sounds. Here we have two bands, Minenwerfer from USA, and 1914 from far Ukraine.

Each band presented here with 4 tracks.

First comes Minenwerfer, with 4 tracks of enough catchy black metal. Their music sounds a bit unusual, but within genre, their main themes are WW1, history and philosophy, moreover Minenwerfer’s music sounds really militant, maybe sometimes within some Marduk tunes, but not so brutal. Mostly fast and catchy rhythms, covered with sick screams and ala heavy metal guitar solos. I also like their sick tempo-changes and the entire militant atmosphere.

But now is my very first time with Ukrainian 1914. The opening track – An Meine Völker! is some kind of march (I really do not know this one, so I can’t say more). Then I got some kind of blackened death/doom metal. Made with typical things like deeply doomy guitars, with the same typical slow-downs (you know, when some mid or fast tunes becomes sloooow). Sounds good except of the last track – Gas mask (Eastern front rmx), because that’s some kind of electronic stuff what I do not like at all, thus that was the only negative thing for me personally.

As a whole – this split is for those who are about war themes and of course for those who like black and death/doom stuff as well.

Cheers from France! / Rob

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