The Brown Bag Drunks Punk/Thrashcore band presentation + stream

The Brown Bag Drunks Punk/Thrashcore band presentation + stream

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Please introduce yourself.

We are The Brown Bag Drunks from Columbus Ohio… Jerald does all the main vocals/guitar/drum programming and I, Charlie , play the bass/backing vocals.

When your band was created?

The band had been in the planning stage for a few years and in 2014 we decided to give up searching for members and do it as a 2 piece.

What the style do you play?

It says on our patches Columbus Ohio Thrashpunk… I think that is because we appeal to thrashers and crust punks , we also have a touch of black metal in the vocal approach

How could you describe your music by several words?

Aggressive, fast, dirty, in your face, raw, we don’t give a fuck, crusty thrash, with a punk diy ethic.

What is the main theme of your lyrics?

Anger,drinking,and general fucked up stuff… We write about the shit we see every day

What would you like to achieve with the band activity?

World dominance… hahahhahahahah! We would like to be up there with the legends like Discharge, Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, Terrorizer, Nausea nyc and LA.

How many gigs you have played so far and maybe you visit another countries with concerts?

We have yet to play gigs but that will change as soon as we release the multiple releases we have scheduled for 2015!

Is there anything very important about your band what SHOULD know fans and labels?

We are doing what we do because we love it and maybe you will love it too…. if not that is ok too.

What the formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…? And how do you see future of physical releases?

We record stuff to give away to our friends and fans… Yes we would love to see our stuff on tape and cd and vinyl… but we are two poor ass motherfuckers, so we will probably need help in that department.

When you will get label deal, would you like to help to the label with promotion from your side, or you want label do all without your help?

We get where we get by ourselves… if and when we ever get signed to a label we expect nothing… we will do it our way… word of mouth is very strong especially with the internet.

What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?

Has there been any negativity towards us? We have yet to see it… like our shirt says, no fucks given, meaning like us or hate us… we will still be here!!

And last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?

You guys rock! And so do the other people that do fanzines because it is people like you that keep the underground thriving!! Thank you for your time! –Charlie Taylor

The Brown Bag Drunks are: Jerald Hall and Charlie Taylor..We got together to write thrashy stuff the way we wanted it to sound. We spent a couple of years looking for the right musicians and said FUCK IT and kept it the two of us and a drum machine. and here we are…love us or hate us, you will still know us!


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