Brutal Assault 2018: Bands update: DYING FETUS, HIRAX and more!

Brutal Assault 2018: Bands update: DYING FETUS, HIRAX and more!

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Brutal Assault recently launched crosswords with new bands for 2018:

NOVĚ POTVRZENÉ KAPELY UŽ ZÍTRA!Zítra oznámíme další potvrzené kapely na příští ročník Brutal Assaultu. Pokud je chcete znát s předstihem, zkuste si vyluštit některou z osmi křížovek!

Geplaatst door Brutal Assault official op woensdag 22 november 2017

And today we have official statement about new bands:

DYING FETUS from Maryland have been synonym for brutal death metal for more than 25 years and we are more than excited to welcome them back in the fortress once again, as well as their blackened death metal colleagues HATE from Poland. Old school metal maniacs would definitely appreciate that HIRAX with mighty Katon W de Pena are coming to BA to give us a lesson about true thrash metal riffing!

The list of avant-garde bands is being extended by DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, Swedish act that originally combines progressive metal with jazz fusion or even swing. Also some fresh hardcore blood is coming to BA, including Australian metalcore NORTHLANE, deathcore butchery CARNIFEX as well as bestial screaming hardcore COUNTERPARTS or beatdown hardcore Belgians NASTY.

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NOVĚ POTVRZENÉ KAPELYDíky všem, co se zúčastnili naší hry a odhalili nové kapely z křížovek. Nyní tedy oficiálně:…

Geplaatst door Brutal Assault official op donderdag 23 november 2017


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