Brutal Assault 2019: INCANTATION, EXUMER and more!

Brutal Assault 2019: INCANTATION, EXUMER and more!

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This is the next-to-last lineup update for Brutal Assault! It brings forefathers of true metal avant-garde Ved Buens Ende, blasphemous death metal goatfathers Incantation or melodic masters Omnium Gatherum.

We kick off with true death metal legends INCANTATION. These unholy priests are the originators of equally unholy, blasphemous and rotten death metal that has been recently imitated to the proverbial death, but alas no epigons can match these ungodly desecrating goatfathers of the genre. The band will deliver horrific prophecies with songs from their first three albums, all of them being cult classics. If you can’t name them better do your homework, the indulgence might not be eternal under the ibex moon in our fortress! Shadows of the Ancient Empire will be cast over Josefov…

Australian killing machine ESKHATON returns a new violent assault – „The Omegalitheos”! A phenomenon of psychotic Death Metal violence will resonate with those, who are eager to receive from Death Metal more than the standardized, predictable formulas which the majority is in ease to identify with and feels familiar with. Death Metal has always been meant to be a sick, violent, dark source of energy twisting the senses and blasting the listener into possessed like states and ESKHATON are one of the few bands that are still pushing Death Metal boundaries!

KRAANIUM was formed in 2001 and are one of the original pioneers of the slamming brutality genre. Originally founded in Norway, they have toured and slammed all over the world and now they will impose their heavy relentless BDM upon the BA crowd!

The influential German thrash veterans EXUMER are coming to conquer the moshing crown! Their initial albums Possessed by Fire (1986) and Rising from the Sea (1987) stand as highly-heralded triumphs of the genre until this day. Upon reemerging from hibernation, EXUMER released three long play records that were all also exceptionally well received and especially the brand-new latest output „Hostile Defiance” is a testimony of relentless power of the genre they helped to spawn!

ČAD are long-standing Slovakian squad, that is very active since its original conception as early as in 1994. The band has won a prestigious Slovak Radiohead award for the best record in Hard and Heavy category twice, despite working their entire career in a DIY way, staying highly original, drug free and being a lot more dark, personal or less accessible than your standard band mixing up elements from extreme hardcore, metal and HC punk. Band members are not only skillful and well-rehearsed musicians, but also writers, illustrators, publishers and filmmakers, which makes them a sort of renaissance phenomenon on the extreme metal scene.

MEAT SPREADER was started after a few beers by two legends of the European gore grind scene Jaro of Dead Infection fame and Arthur of Squash Bowels. They agreed that time has come to create a band referring to grind core’s golden years and thus far this gore infested cooperation resulted in a MCD, followed last year by a split with Haemorrhage and Hemdale and a debut full-length. As you can imagine, all these contain a hefty dose of rotten old school gore grindcore!

DISCHARGE is a British hardcore punk legend formed in 1977, often considered among one of the very first bands to play hardcore punk at all. The band had substantial lineup changes over its history, but its core members produced its key recordings in the early 1980s, among others the band’s first album in 1982, „Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing”. The record become an instant classic and defined the so-called d-beat genre. After a number of successful singles and EPs like the famous 1981 EP „Why” or the 1982 single „State Violence State Control” the band brought in significant thrash metal crossover elements to the band. DISCHARGE‘s music influenced hardcore punk, thrash metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres, making them one of the most influential underground bands of all time.

Next on the list are DECULTIVATE – misanthropic hardcore from Prague – this furious noisy HC / crust will decultivate what’s left of You in the pit!

OMNIUM GATHERUM were formed in 1996 and emerged from a vibrant European metal scene with a series of acclaimed demos with a sound that blended the raging brutality of Scandinavian death metal with a rich sense of melody and harmony. All their recordings received ecstatic reviews in numerous metal mags across Europe, and these Finns has ploughed forward for the next 20 years further exploring guitarist Markus Vanhala’s unique sonic and compositional world.

Lithuanian outfit AU-DESSUS will bring outstanding, dark, heavy hitting and atmospheric post-black metal. The mood and riffs fit very well with the lyrical themes and they’re also a stunning live band, so watch out!

And the best in the end, we present you VED BUENS ENDE! A truly cult Norwegian avant-garde metal band. Their sound is diverse with quiet instrumental jazz-influenced sections, folkish elements or aggressive black metal blast beats and vocals. Ved Buens Ende means “By the end of the (rain)bow” referring to the mythological rainbow Bifröst. VED BUENS ENDE was formed in Oslo in 1994 by the drummer Carl-Michael Eide and brought forward unique mixture of many musical elements and Eide’s crooning. Also, Eide’s drumming was unusual in style, with very little repetition and a tendency to shy away from traditional drumming, often playing in different meters at once. The band was formed by many fantastic musicians doing stints with them here and there and eventually spawning such legendary acts as Dødheimsgard, Emperor, Satyricon, Arcturus, Ulver, Virus, Manes, Aura Noir, or Dimmu Borgir. However the band split up in 1997, after releasing only one but legendary full-length album „Written in Waters”. The album is unique and unusual. It incorporates many elements from various music forms and rather unconventional, dreamy and poetic lyrics. VED BUENS ENDE will only do 4 shows in 2019 so do not miss this opportunity to see these pioneers of true avant-garde metal live!


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