BYRON Unveil Full Album Details and Release New Single

BYRON Unveil Full Album Details and Release New Single

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Finnish heavy metal band BYRON is delighted to reveal highly anticipated information about their forthcoming album, “Chapter II: The Lotus Covenant.” This much-awaited release is set to hit the shelves on January 26th, 2024, released by The Goatmancer Records.

In addition to this exciting news, BYRON is proud to present their latest single, “The X,” which is currently available for streaming on The Goatmancer Records’ official YouTube channel:

Says the band:

“The X is the third and final single taken from the upcoming full-length “Chapter II – The Lotus Covenant”. It introduces Byron’s new members Ville Koskinen (Psychework) on guitar and Tino Kantoluoto (Weightless World) on bass.
With the lyrics I experimented something called automatic writing and I wrote them rawly in 20 minutes. The results are somewhat a stream of consciousness, flowing in themes of the ancient and the occult. The song title does NOT refer to any message service but is an allegory of destinations and waypoints in spiritual development, the x’s and pins one might find in maps or graphic illustrations of life lived. Karma, if you will. An educated listener can hear again some Stephen King -references in the lyrics too.

The song itself started as some kind of a trash metal imitation and even after a lot of changes when I recorded the drums I was not sure if it will make to the record. But when the rest of the band did their share, the song really came to life. I think it turned out quite nice. I feel so privileged to work with such crazy-talented people!”

Album tracklisting:

  1. Overture
  2. The Lotus Covenant
  3. Resignation
  4. Sword of the Apostle
  5. Sometimes Dead Is Better
  6. The Golden Galley
  7. Return to Celephaïs
  8. The X

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