Castrum “MediEvaluation” review

Castrum “MediEvaluation” review

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Castrum “MediEvaluation”

Bloodbucket productions

Castrum – old Ukrainian band; many of you should hear this band. The band was formed back in 1994, so, almost 21 years so far. And this release is not something new from them, but this is anniversary edition, which contains some early demos and rare stuff on one CD. For me personally this release is more than great gift, ‘coz I like Castrum and I have never had these records on CD, so now I have it and that’s great, hehe. Musically Castrum always sounds a bit unique, from my point of view of course. They have successfully mixed atmospheric death metal together with catching medieval atmosphere, and of course you’ll find there some thrash metal tunes as well; and main thing – all made with old-fashioned approach. Well, speaking about the demos on this CD; of course there is far not excellent sound quality, but pretty listenable and catching, so I can’t say this is some pile of shit etc, sure, raw and high tuned, but, these are demos, what do you want from the demos, recorded back in mid of ‘90s. With this anniversary CD you must be prepared for raw old-school masscare, from technical up to just shredding music, made with with the edges between death and thrash metal, and nice melodic tunes here and there, most of all I like melodic guitar solos, which are really impressive. Each song sounds fresh and catching, i.e. you’ll not get any boring tunes over here, just straight-forward stuff. Beside of complete songs there are also some instrumental intro and outro, plus pretty good cover to Breaking the Law of Judas Priest.

Complete CD’s data:
Tracks 1-4: “Flames by Impiety” Demo 1996
Tracks 5-7: “Pleasure in the Deeds of Horror” Demo 1996
Tracks 8-9: from the “Phenomenonsense” sessions 2006
Track 10: recorded 2009
Track 11: recorded 2009
Track 12: recorded 2010

Do not miss! MediEvaluation is a great gift for both old headbangers and your fans who just start dig metal history!


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