CHASTAIN “All Hail The King” official single stream

CHASTAIN “All Hail The King” official single stream

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unnamedCHASTAIN “All Hail The King” is the first official single from the upcoming new album “We Bleed Metal” – official release date: 06th of November 2015

By mentioning the name CHASTAIN, Metal maniacs and lovers of female-fronted Metal bands fall into endless rapture. Active since 1985, the band featuring legendary vocalist Leather Leone and guitarist David T. Chastain has earned an almost godlike status with albums such as “Ruler Of The Wasteland“ (1986) and “The Voice Of The Cult“ (1988).

Now, Pure Steel Records has the honour to welcome this band. With the release of the new, now tenth album, “We Bleed Metal,“ the cult act still delivers the old spirit and celebrates traditional Heavy/Power Metal at its best. The unique heavy vocals of Leather Leone and the dark, shredding riffs of the eponym are still full of contemporary impact. Not pandering to any trends, this is pure steel from the U.S.A.!

To sum it up: With “We Bleed Metal“ CHASTAIN releases their best effort in at least 25 years!

Leather Leone – vocals
David T. Chastain – guitars
Mike Skimmerhorn – bass
Stian Kristoffersen – drums

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