CHESTBURSTER set release date for debut and premiere first track

CHESTBURSTER set release date for debut and premiere first track

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What, you might ask, on earth is Chestburster? In short and on the surface, it’s just dirty, sludgy rock ‘n’ roll played by losers, but there’s more in there that meets the ear at first, deeper and weirder levels should you dare crawl your way in through the filth and properly sink in.

Hailing out of Kouvola, Finland, Chestburster have a couple of EP releases under their studded belts already, and the first full-length album drops on March 4th on Svart Records. Titled Slime and Guilt, the record is available digitally and on vinyl, limited to 350 copies.

What is Slime and Guilt made of, then? There are roaring guitars that smell like bad sex and even worse mushroom trips, sunburnt slacker afternoon vibes, vocals sounding like death threats, beautiful passages that are washed away by waves of nasty feedback. It’s heavy but not metal, not progressive but too out there to be punk rock. It’s like a bad dream you don’t want to wake up from, outsider music for the lowlife elite. Hear the first evidence.


Tracklisting for Chestburster’s Slime and Guilt
1. Faces in the Rain
2. Experienced Virgin
3. Slime and Guilt
4. Gas Station Pilgrim
5. The Arm Stretches Out
6. Rojo Sangre
7. Licking Letters
8. Tame
9. Ice Age Inside My Head

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