Cold Raven “Gates to Hell”

Cold Raven “Gates to Hell”

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Doomed Black Metal horde Cold Raven just launched new picture-video “Gates to Hell” [orig. by Obituary] on YouTube!

Cold Raven took form in January 2013. From then on the first songs of a melodic yet obscure black metal began to take form, with lyrics about pre-christian religions, anti-cosmos and Chaos. In December of the same year guitarist Vuall joins the band and they enter the studio at the end of May 2014.

The first full length album – called “Equilibrium & Chaos” – gets recorded, mixed and mastered in three of months. Everyone in Cold Raven is influenced by the bands that originated the Black Metal scene in the early ‘90s as well by the bands that followed and that contributed to open the horizons of the genre.

In December 2014 Cold Raven signed a deal with Sliptrick Records for the release and worldwide distribution of “Equilibrium And Chaos”, which has been released March 25th (Europe) and May 5th (USA and other countries).

So far the band has played with important acts in the underground scene, such as Nargaroth, Infernal War, Necromass, Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Belphegor, Unleashed, Mortuary Drape, Impaled Nazarene, etc, and has played in several European countries.

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