Crematory “Monument” review (by Droll)

Crematory “Monument” review (by Droll)

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CREMATORY “Monument”
Steamhammer / SPV

25 band’s anniversary is the point that not many bands can reach. German gothic metallers Crematory are crossing this line with release of their new album with sounding name Monument.

Not a long time ago Antiserum (2014) was released. Then guitarist Matthias Hechler leaves the band after 17 years of work. Tosse Basler and Rolf Munkes came to replace him, so Monument was recorded with some fresh blood. But there are no significant changes not in the music, nor in the concept.

On one hand it’s definitely understandable, because there is an army of fans that loves Crematory exactly for the music they doing for years. On the other hand it can’t be said that Monument is the heaviest album in their career, as promised.

There is some heavy sound, of course. Though, two guitars are making their. But it doesn’t make it metal album. Not even gothic album, despite plenty of keyboards. Rather it’s dance-metal, some kind of. And there is no mistake.

Simple drums line, keyboards and a certain amount of guitar distortion builds some club music. That full of clichés for my biggest sorrow. Next note it the song (any song) can be guessed easily and rhythm is not changing for a whole song. It starts with it, it ends with it.

Clean vocals alternates with harsh, but it doesn’t change anything and doesn’t affect the music. Lyrics are ‘typical’, speaking gently. “Die so soon”, “Ravens Calling” and all the stuff that goths singing about a little bit more often than always.

It cannot be said that Monument is a bad album.  The band knows their business and doing it good. The problem is that it’s not (quote): “an unmistakable return to metallic toughness by the band from Mannheim. Infinitely more strongly than on its predecessor” as it was promised. Although army of fans will not agree with me, of course.

But it worth to remember that a colossus with feet of clay was also monument.

The album will be released on April, 15 by Steamhammer/SPV


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