CRIMSON SWAN “Unlit” review

CRIMSON SWAN “Unlit” review

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German metal scene is pretty reach for quality bands amount, and it’s always interesting listen to some new band out of there. Crimson Swan was born back in 2010, in 2012 they released first EP, and now they came with first full-length album – “Unit”. Musically here is doom/death metal, with some gothic means as well, plus sometimes (pretty rare but it is) their music have some funeral doom metal colors. All in all music on this release is good but pretty common and average, i.e. sounds like many others band do/did. But in spite of this Crimson Swan sounds not like a trash, so be sure, if you like doom/death metal – you’ll like this record. What is the most memorable things over there? Hm, again, all is simple – full of despair atmosphere, good guitar work, measured but beating drumming and various vocals, from clean one up to growls. Consisting with both mid and slow parts, which tunrs into more or less fast ones, and very good and catching guitar solos. Continue atmosphere theme I can add – sometimes, when guitar solos plays we can hear really epic atmosphere, what is good as for me. Song’s length is typical for doom/death style as well, between 7 and 10 minutes, but luckily not boring at all, moreover – catching for the ears, and of course sounds gloomy at the same time.

We can freely recommend Crimson Swan to all the fans into doom/death metal, as well as such bands like Anathema or Swallow The Sun.


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