De Profundis “Kingdom Of The Blind” review

De Profundis “Kingdom Of The Blind” review

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deproDe Profundis “Kingdom Of The Blind”
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Hm, “Kingdom Of The Blind” is fourth album from De Profundis (United Kingdom), and I never heard any of their albums so far. But I was really impressed by what I heard here. As I know, previously they played some kind of doom metal, but later they changed the style, and now we have progressive metak, with strong death and black metal tunes in it. This album is really reach and interesting, each song sounds different from each other, just like it should be. De Profundis using progressive means just like I like! I.e. there are not some kind of “good for musicians” but “terrible for listeners” elements, but really catching and interesting ones. Rhythm section seems to be top-notch, musicians played very well, all sounds correct, so to say. Just like a maelstorm of catching and technical rhythms! You’ll get great dose of massive walls of sounds, massive guitars, really and really awesome guitar solos, and great underlined bass lines (bass guitar plays here far not last role! And this album would sounds really poor without bass parts as they are over here! Springly and reach, and do u know what did bass lines reminds me? Yeah – some stuff from mighty DEATH! Just listen to it and you’ll get what I mean). Plus add good drumming and good roars over here. All in all – “Kingdom Of The Blind” sounds fresh and should be interesting for all the metalheads who would like to hear some kind of extreme and technical at the same time album! For me – I’ll return to this record again and again in the future! De Profundis worth to be supported.



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