DEATH FETISHIST signs with Debemur Morti Productions

DEATH FETISHIST signs with Debemur Morti Productions

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Once again, the famous French label Debemur Morti Productions flirt dangerously with madness.

Indeed, they recently decided to join forces with DEATH FETISHIST (US), an amazing new project of the tireless composer Matron Thorn (the tortured and creative mind behind the beast AEVANGELIST).

There is little doubt that Matron Thorn is a twisted virtuoso of our times, his mind continuously bursting with sinister musical ideas. As expected, DEATH FETISHIST is a new step in horror, a supreme devilish entity evolved from the deepest spheres of obscure Death Metal and the murky, poisonous atmospheres of harrowing Black Metal.

Whilst awaiting the release of DEATH FETISHIST’s devastating first full-length offering in the upcoming months, you can initially taste the abomination by listening to and purchasing the band’s stellar first EP, “Whorifice”, released a few days ago:

More news from the depths of hell very soon…


Somewhere in the rift between madness and catharsis is the true nature of DEATH FETISHIST. Formed in 2015 by vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Matron Thorn (ÆVANGELIST, BENIGHTED IN SODOM, PRÆTERNATURA) and drummer G. Nefarious (PANZERGOD, DAEMONIIS AD NOCTUM), all things impure and bleak to the spirit have been converted into a musical narcotic known as DEATH FETISHIST. While there are stylistic nods to his work with ÆVANGELIST, Matron Thorn further trespasses the Black Metal landscape to instill a renewed sense of fear and wonder upon the earth.

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