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DECAYED interview

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Portugese blasphemers DECAYED here, enjoy!

Hello! How are you? How does black metal situation there in Portugal now?

JA – Hello there. Still breathing here. I have no idea of how the black metal situation is in Portugal. I got tired of all the bullshit around that so I’ve been getting away from that as much as possible. But for what I can see, the scene has become very small… many bands, not that many fans.

Tell us, how Decayed was born in this dirty world? Weren’t there other titles for your beast among Decayed? Tell us band history shortly.

JA – It all started when I and a friend decided to start a band that wouldn’t end after 2 years and here we are still. We talked to some friends and rehearsals begun in September 1990. I took the name from the VENOM song “Senile Decay” (we begun as simply DECAY) for me, one of their best songs. We had line-up changes right from the beginning and that never stopped. Our demo was released in January 1992, our debut album in January 1994 and the rest is history.

Are there any bands you take some part of inspiration while composing songs for your hellish band? Also, what the bands you all grown up and what do you listen right now? Tell us your favorite bands.

JA – The biggest inspiration has always been VENOM. But most of the bands from the 80’s are a big influence in this band. Those are the bands that I grew up listening: VENOM, BATHORY, SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR, IRON MAIDEN, WASP, AC/DC, POSSESSED, CARNIVORE, MEGADETH and so many more.

Who was composing lyrics for Decayed? Do you have some song(s) which contain some real story/event from your personal life? And do you have some unreleased songs?

JA – I write almost all the lyrics. Sometimes I ask a vocalist to write one or two lyrics, but mostly it has been my writings that go with the music. Some of my lyrics are very personal, so I guess you can say that they depict in some form real events in my life. There are some unreleased songs, but they will be on the next album that we already started working on.

Who make artworks for your albums?

JA – We have had some friends doing some of the artwork, I did some as well. VJ who was in the band from 1992 to 2000 also did some artwork. Usually I prefer to work with friends who enjoy what we do. I think that it’s easier for them to understand what I want to transmit with the cover, that is always related to the title of each album.

One of your albums – Hexagram, why you decided to use such title and put hexagram on the cover art? What the sense you put into this album at all?

JA – Well, the Hexagram is our symbol since the beginning of the band. The sixth album had to named after the six pointed star. To me, it makes perfect sense and it was an idea for many years. It took me some time to be able to write the lyrics for that, but that only made the final result more pleasing to me. If you take the time to read the lyrics you’ll see that it’s a conceptual album where each song if the following of the previous.

Tell us about your first European tour. Who did organize it and are you completely satisfied with the finish result? What the impressions, fans reaction, how many was drunk of alcohol and etc? Tell us please about gigs – about most sad one, and about most catching (I mean fans reaction)!

JA – Our first European tour was organized by our label at the time, Drakkar from France. It was a very good experience for us and I only have, mostly, good memories. It was great to meet all those crazy metalheads that had been listening to our music from the beginning. There was always alcohol involved; we couldn’t play without some sort of alcohol by our side on stage. We got very good reactions and back then we were only two in the band with a drum machine, so we weren’t too sure of how the reactions would be.

Can you tell us bands you have friendly attitudes with? And bands you haven’t?

JA – I’m good friends with DESASTER, every time we play together is always a good time. We also spent a great time in Germany with SATHANAS. Now and then we find cool people on the road. As for the losers and rip offs… FUCK THEM!

Did you ever play your music to some people who do not listen to Metal at all? If you did, what was reaction?:)

JA – Yup! One of our first gigs in 1992 was at a disco, part of a contest for bands (from Pop to Metal), that was cool. Our very first gig in 1990 was at our school Christmas party and that was amazing…

Did you ever made something very blasphemous?

JA – I always speak the truth that seems to be very blasphemous for most people, especially the so called “open minded”.

Do you remember your metal days before Decayed creation? Where did you earn the money to buy first instruments, then for the first record?

JA – I’ve got a good memory, so I remember very well the days before the band. I earned money by working every holiday I had from school. I bought my first guitar in 88 and started a band with a friend with a drum kit that I built. The first record I ever bought, I think it was a compilation in 1986. After that it was the IRON MAIDEN “Live After Death”. It was very hard to find Metal records back in the 80’s. It took me until 1988 to find one record of VENOM.

From your point of view – which album from Decayed discography is most killer and successful?

JA – I guess I have to say the first one. That’s the reason why I never felt the need to record a “better” album. The best thing we could do with DECAYED was done on the first album, we showed until where we could go, so after doing that it was logical to simplify our music since complicating it was not an option.

What Decayed means for you; main part and the meaning of all your life?

JA – For many years (till 2011) it was the most important thing in my life. Everything worked around the band, the band was always first. But since then, I put the band behind and tried to focus more on my own life. It still is a big part of my life, but… things change with age and I’ve been doing this for more than 23 years…

How often were lineup changes in Decayed? Aren’t there some contradictions between musicians? Or does nowadays lineup something like single organism?

JA – We had many lineup changes… We had 7 different drummers, 5 vocalists, 3 bass players… In this band there was never real contradictions cause everyone that was part of DECAYED knew what this band stands for, so, it was not that difficult on that department. Besides, we used to be a band that rehearsed a lot so we had our own chemistry that only comes with lots of rehearsals.

What is the main message make Decayed to all fucking humanity by its music? Mainly to those whose heads are filled with jesus christ, muslims and etc?

JA – The main message has been: think with your own head. Honor above anything. A sheep in wolf’s skin is still a sheep.

Which studio do you use for recording Decayed albums? How many time you spent usually for recording one album? Do you always enjoyed of finish result, or happens you need re-record something? And is there any studio you WOULD like to record in most of all?

JA – The last recordings have all been done at my own studio (computer). Back in the days when you had to have tapes, it wasn’t easy to record, but since computers took over, anyone can record at home. Before 2011, when we had rehearsals, we would record an album in a few days, since everything was well organized at the rehearsals, so when we entered the studio we knew what we had to do. Not all recordings done in studios ended up as I wanted. That was the main reason why I decided to start recording on my own.

What the bands into Black metal genre you can highly recommend? What is your relation towards bands like watain, shining and similar “grammy” followers? What’s your opinion about such bands? From your point of view, how should looks real black metal band externally and internally?

JA – To each its own. I don’t care what other bands do. Trends come and trends go. But I can tell you this; there’s way too much talk, not enough doing. Verbal diarrhea fills the scene!

What the plans do you have for future? Any interesting fests coming? Do you working with the new album and what should fans expecting from Decayed in 2014?

JA – We have most of the new album complete, I guess we need to write 2 or 3 new songs. We’ve been invited to play at a fest in Estonia on the 25th of April. I’m also working on a new CD with all the material I recorded in 2003 when I was the only member of the band. Our debut album from 1994 is also being re-released in April by Aphelion Records with a live show from 1993 as bonus.

Would you like to play in Ukraine? Do you know some bands from our little country?

JA – I would love to play in Ukraine. It’s always great to visit new places and meet interesting people. I know some bands from there but I can’t recall any names right now.

Ok, do you like a beer? What the beer do you usually use there? Tell us the best Portuguese vine and beer please.

JA – My favorite beer is the Portuguese Sagres. We have a lot of good wines, we’re known for our wines.

And what is your relation towards your country at all? Can you tell us something like “yeah, I’m proud to live in Portugal, and I’m true patriot!”?

JA – I like my country, it’s a nice country but our economy is shit. It’s almost impossible to have a decent life with what they pay. We’ve been being robbed by Politian’s for the last 30 years and nothing seems to ever change.

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JA – Thanx a lot for this interesting interview. To everyone reading this, if you want to know a band playing old school Black Metal, no trendy crap, check us out. Feel free to contact me for any merchandising: chroan§ Keep it Metal!

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