DEE SNIDER Says Most Heavy Metal Fans Will Hate His New Solo Album

DEE SNIDER Says Most Heavy Metal Fans Will Hate His New Solo Album

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Asked if there was one song that shaped the sound of this record, Dee said: “The first song [Damon] brought me was a song called ‘We Are The Ones’, which is the title track from the album. Thematically, Damon says it’s the message of Dee Snider fighting back and rebellion… it’s believing in yourself. The ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ message is eternal and that should continue on.”

Snider also talked about the album’s first single, “Rule The World”, which he said was “sort of a ‘We Are The Champions’; it’s a very big studio anthem. When you hear it, it’s the kind of thing you can totally see Super Bowl time, the whole stadium lit up and it’s an uplifting song about, ‘With hands held high, we can rule the world,'” he said. “It’s basically about everybody just joining together with love and peace, real positive.”

Dee is unapologetically energized about where he’s going as an artist. “Music inspires that genuine enthusiasm,” he said. ” I’m not anti the past — I’m just not one of those guys sitting there singing about the glory days. To me, these are the glory days, and the days to come are the glory days. And this new record is the part of my next glory days.”

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