Deez Nuts joins Century Media Records

Deez Nuts joins Century Media Records

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“We’re not a bunch of fuckin’ dudes who come from privilege.

You can hear this, you can feel this. And that’s because’Word Is Bond’ is a passionate album.” JJ Peters

You think you know DEEZ NUTS? Think again.

“Word Is Bond” showcases frontman JJ Peters at his most real. It’s a short, sharp shock of pure honesty delivered in inimitable old-school style, and shouts loud and proud that Peters, guitarist Matt “RealBad” Rogers, bassist Sean Kennedy and drummer Alex Salinger are here to stay.

And sure, DEEZ NUTS still go harder than any other motherfucker in the room but now, with “Word Is Bond”, their fourth album, produced by Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid) and Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside, Bury Your Dead), Peters is confronting exactly what happens when the party stops.

DEEZ NUTS “Word Is Bond” track listing:
1. Word
2. Yesterday
3. Pour Up
4. What’s Good
5. Behind Bars
6. What I Gotta Do
7. Chess Boxin’
8. Don’t Wanna Talk About It
9. Face This On My Own
10. Wrong Things Right
11. Understand
12. Party At The Hill
13. The Message
14. Word Is Bond

On another note DEEZ NUTS have joined Century Media Records in USA and Canada which makes them international partners for the world outside of Australia and New Zealand.

“Word Is Bond” will be out on Century Media Records on the following dates:

USA/Canada: April 21st, 2015
Europe: April 27th, 2015

Upon the release DEEZ NUTS will embark on an extensive European tour with Stick To Your Guns, Trash Talk and Being As An Ocean.

DEEZ NUTS online:

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