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demiurgon (Копировать) Demiurgon “Above The Unworthy”
Ungodly Ruins Productions

Before you put this record on be sure that you have a helmet and a bulletproof vest on, because this record is BRUTALLLL!!!! As soon as the first song “Rex Mundi” begins your insides will be torn apart and turned inside out. Demiurgon is a band from Italy and “Above The Unworthy” is their first release. Seriously what does these Italians eat??? Because over the last years Italy has become known for releasing some of the most demented and insanely brutal death metal and Demiurgon is no different. The songs on “Above The Unworthy” are vicious and uncontrollable. The production is very well done that you can hear every instrument in all its brutality. The songs structures are violent with a lot of twist and turns. The riffs during the songs “Chastisement of Innocence” and “Pillars of an Inverted Creation” are very lethal and will crush your spine. “Dead Land Seasons” is just ferocious with a beautiful solo during the song in a life-threatening way. A very peculiar and cool song is “Defective Perception”. Everything suddenly slows down with spoken words during the song like someone is slowly choking you and leaving you breathless. “Freedom Indoctrination” and “The Shapeless Almighty” are chaotic and very catchy with lots of technicality.  Stefano Borciani vocals are very cool. He has the unique type of death metal vocal that is brutal but very understandable. The cover artwork is another masterpiece from Pär Oloffson and it shows exactly what happens if you play this album loud (as it is intended to be played). Be sure to check this sick album out if you like brutal death metal. Play it loud and unleash the brutality!!!!


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