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Season of Mist

In spite of this band have 2 EP and 3 albums I have never heard neither music nor about them. But now, after listening to their last album I got an interest to dig into their old works. When first track started turning I got some pretty boring feelings, but when it came to mid of song I have changed my opinion luckily. I mean since very start I decided I’ll hear some modern kind of sweet “post-metal” or something like that… But luckily Der Weg Einer Freiheit sounds pretty interesting, catching and enough dark, with a huge part of melancholy. Yeah, here isn’t some kind of classical black metal massacre full time, because musicians mixed atmospheric and melancholic parts which sounds both like main part of album and at the same time like a layer for those “massacre” here and there. Of course this is not unique album, but I’m sure it’s pretty worth album is you like atmospheric yet melancholic black metal, with both heavy crushing guitars and acoustic parts here and there. Sometimes we can hear really kick ass straight-forward ragigng guitars, supplied by really hellish speed drumming, good underlined bass guitar lines, and rhythm-section which sounds a bit apocalyptic and disharmonical at the same time, what makes truly positive effect during listening. Filled with ehough amount of slow-downs, which of course sounds proper and deep… The songs have long playing time, from 3 up to 12 minutes, but, I’m dare to say – I had NO boring times with them; why, all is simple – just because Der Weg Einer Freiheit had very proper approach while composing stuff, thus even with long playing time of the song you will not be bored by one type two chords etc. To the end I’ll just write several words which from my point of view could describe “Stellar” properly and short: memorable, catching, epic, atmospheric, melancholic, evil, melodic, freezing… Enough, just try to not miss this album, it worth to be listened and supported. Favorite track – “Verbund” – for me – much evil and memorable, fast and destructive, combined with dark melancholy and rawness in better condition!


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