DESPOT “Pictures Of The Void” review

DESPOT “Pictures Of The Void” review

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DESPOT “Pictures Of The Void”

Despot – seven years old black metal band from Brazil. The band consists with just two members who make all blasphemies and darkness. I like Brazilian black metal scene alot, and I can’t understand why Brazilian black metal scene is not so respected worldwide, it’s a pity as for me, because there are tons of real black metal bands, which is lack in EU for example… But OK, now we speak about Despot, and about their EP “Pictures Of The Void”, which was released this March by musicians, not under some label, but I hope they will find some proper label in the future and will get wide distribution. Musically I was enjoyed, I listened to this EP several times non stop, and I have found their music enough good to write about here. “Pictures Of The Void” dropped me back into the old black metal albums, which sounds really dark and obscure! Despot using typical for black metal things, like unholy screams, massive and enoug raw walls of sounds, and main thing – classical thrash metal roots here and there. All four tracks sounds on one breath, filled with deep dark atmosphere and just kick ass rhythmical structure, with several melancholy tunes. Sometimes their music sounds just straight-forward, but sometimes it comes with such disharmonical means, what makes their sound typical and original at the same time. This is right way of black metal, with real devotion. We highly recommend you to listen to Despot!


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