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Dew-Scented “Intermination”
Metal Blade Records / Prosthetic Records

Album number 10 from this great German death/thrash metal band.
Well to be more exact this band is more Dutch than German. It started as German band, but the only remaining original member is the singer, Leif Jensen and the rest of the members are Dutch. I have to admit that since the addition of the Dutch members on “Icarus” Dew-Scented became more brutal and leaning more towards death metal than thrash which is a good thing. The reason I think that Dew-Scented sounds more brutal is that Joost Van Der Graaf (bassist), Koen Herfst (drums) and Rory Hansen (Guitars) plays in the excellent Dutch death metal band I Chaos and Marvin Vriesde (Guitars) plays in the Dutch brutal death metal band Severe Torture. “Icarus” is one of my all time favorite records and I was wondering if they could surpass that album. To be honest they didn’t, but “Intermination” is just as good and deadly as “Icarus”!!!!!! The album starts with a really calm acoustic intro and as soon as the next  song, “On A Collision Course” begins all hell breaks loose. It’s like the hounds of hell are unleashed and they keep biting and ripping your flesh until the last song. “Scars Of Creation” and “Power Surge” are just fast and really brutal songs. “Ode To Extinction” begins like a normal thrash song but quickly during the song Koen Herfst gets really angry and begins drumming like an animal and the song becomes very brutal with solos flying everywhere. Also Joost Van Der Graaf bass playing is just excellent. His playing is very unique and I love how he guides the brutality of the songs with his bass. Also he does some very gruesome backup vocals during the song “Atavistic”.  I always loved Leif jensen vocals despite what other dumb reviewers and people say. His vocals are very raw like he swallowed a box of razors, glass and nails. With each album his vocals gets more raw and he gives his all trying to keep up with the fast and brutal music, I like it!!!! You know what you can expect from Dew-Scented and on “Intermination” they delivered yet another killer death/thrash album.


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