DICKLESS TRACY “Paroxysm Of Disgust” review

DICKLESS TRACY “Paroxysm Of Disgust” review

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DICKLESS TRACY “Paroxysm Of Disgust

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When I saw this promo for the first time I was a bit confused, because of band title, I saw it pretty known for me, and then I just remember – I had the tape of this Slovenian band, with an album from 1999 – “The New Domination”, BUT, I’m sorry – I do not remember if I like that if not, ‘coz of time:(. Anyway it was interesting to listen to “Paroxysm of Disgust”. Slovenia – you know, there are not too many bands which we could describe as well known, also last years I have heard black metal out of there mainly, so it was great surprise to got some Death metal from there. Eleven tracks of pretty good death metal, made with food old way. Mid-paced with some marching rhythms and dark atmosphere. Yeah, you’ll be completely pleased, if you like old-school stuff. The only thing which shaking this records is doomy parts here and there, but they far not bad, they adds some more dark feelings into the Dickless Tracy music, I even remember some old Amorphis while listening to the song “Through The Maze Of Lust” not a whole song, but when it comes to aforementioned doomy parts). Also, from time to time you’ll be within vortex of some grind/crust and even bit black metal parts! All in all – pressing doomy death metal, with great old feelings and just nice production, filled with enough of tempo-changes and darkness at the same time. I’m dare to recommend “Paroxysm of Disgust” to all death metal geeks worldwide!


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