DISLIMN Unveil Full EP Details For “Esmee”

DISLIMN Unveil Full EP Details For “Esmee”

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French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN are set to release their debut EP “Esmee” on June 7th via Octopus Rising.

The EP tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Esmee’s Story
  3. Gullfoss
  4. In My Mind
  5. Release Me

The band recently released the single “Anxiety”; you can check it out here:

With a rich musical experience and hungry for more, Alix, Basile and Florent joined forces in 2022 to form DISLIMN. The project’s soundscape melds the hypnotic resentment of progressive, heavy rock and doom with the nebulous nuances of Scandinavian melodies. The guitars provide a solid ground, mixing power with finesse, relying on catchy riffs and repetitive grooves. The rhythmic anchor, combining drums and percussion, creates a strong support, mentoring through the musical universe of this first EP. To pierce this instrumental plateau, the percussive, melodious vocals invite on a journey between revolt and resilience, while merging styles.

For more info:



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