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Distillator “Revolutionary Cells”
Empire Records

Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!! This album kicks sooo much ass!!! “Revolutionary Cells” is a 100% thrash album. The album is fast, aggressive and very lethal and this is how a thrash album should sound!!! Distillator is a new thrash band from Holland and “Revolutionary Cells” is their first album and it is an instant classic!!! It is very easy to fall in love with the songs on this album and you will keep hitting the replay button over and over again. The production is outstanding and you can clearly hear every instrument during the songs. I still cannot believe that this band consists of only three members because it sounds like a whole army on a battlefield. Desecrator vocals are sharp and cuts like a scythe. His vocals sounds like a mixture of old Destruction (Eternal Devastation), Slayer (Hell Awaits) and Possessed (Seven Churches). Marco Prij drumming is precise like a machine gun. Frankie Suim shows the bass guitar who is the master. The solos during the song are very deadly and strike swiftly thru your heart and drags you down to the darkest pits. As the cover illustrates the lyrics deals with society and wars. “Revolutionary Cells” is a thrash masterpiece and while listening to this album you should put your patched up jacket, tight jeans and your bullet belt and bang your head until it falls off!!!


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