Dr. Living Dead “Crush The Sublime Gods” review

Dr. Living Dead “Crush The Sublime Gods” review

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Dr. Living Dead “Crush The Sublime Gods”

Century Media Records

Oh shit! Since very start of playing this record my mind was completely broken, and returned me back into ‘80s, in the times when Anthrax starts kick asses! Yeah, I’m sure all of fans into thrash/crossover genre knows Swedish Dr. Living Dead, the four “doctors” who make awesome thrash/crossover stuff, uncompromissing and with great old-school approach. The whole album sounds on one breath, more to say – with one and only straight-forward way, with kick ass, vortex and heavy thrashing crossover rhythms, with enough speed “limit”, or better to say “unlimited” speed, hehe. I remined such bands like Anthrax and Slayer while listening to “Crush The Sublime Gods”; to describe a bit wide – speed and approach – from Anthrax and massiveness from mighty Slayer, thus, as you can see – here are TWO from FOUR metal gods mentioned, and as for me – this is enough to get an interest towards Dr. Living Dead. After F.K.U. Dr. Living Dead can be named as one of the best Swedish thrash/crossover bands ever, so they really deserves for your support and attention (what they have luckily). There are nothing to add more, because some additional words would be senseless, just due one reason – enough to say that “Crush The Sublime Gods” going to be favorite album on the shelf between CDs of Anthrax and Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and S.O.D.! If you do not give a fuck about good old thrash/crossover vortex – then go away and listen to your beloved linkin park, and left the space for real moshheads! Fast, sure and destructive old-school moshing hell from Sweden. “Crushing The Sublime Gods” will be killer 46 minutes in your worthless life! Thraaaaaaaashhhh or be fuuuuuuckiiing mooooosheeeed!!!!!!!!


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