DRAUGNIM “A Passage In Fire” song streaming

DRAUGNIM “A Passage In Fire” song streaming

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The Finnish emperors of Melodic & Epic Black Metal DRAUGNIM are premiering a new track off their forthcoming new album entitled “Vulturine”. This new song, “A Passage In Fire”, is streaming via the label’s Bandcamp.

“Vulturine” is divided in 6 majestic chapters :
1. That Name Is Hate
2. As In Hunger, So In Demise
3. A Passage In Fire
4. Grief Unsung
5. Drums Of Black Death
6. Serpent Stone

The fantastic artwork was crafted by Cold Poison.

The long awaited successor to the 2010’s highly-acclaimed “Horizons Low” will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on March 11th on special edition 12″ LP, 12″ LP, CD and digital version.

Finnish DRAUGNIM started as a one-man project by Morior and it officially turned to flesh when Chimedra joined as a singer and the first demo “Paynim Crusade” was released in 1999. Following years saw many changes in line-up as the band was searching for it’s vision and style. The core of the band has remained the same with the three vital members, Morior (composing, guitars), Chimedra (Vocals, lyrics) and Turms (Bass, lyrics). The band produced two more demos “Past Aesirs Grace” (2001) and “Earth gave us birth, our blood we give in return” (2003) but it was not until their fourth demo “Sworn to Waves” (2007) when they managed to capture the essence of DRAUGNIM and catch the attention of record labels.

Eventually, a deal was struck with Finnish Spikefarm Records and in 2008 DRAUGNIM released their debut album “Northwind’s Ire”. The album was well received and more troops were hired to enable touring. The creative force remained within the three founders as session musicians came and went, and in the year 2010 the second album “Horizons Low” saw daylight. The release was supported with shows both in Finland and abroad. Soon after the record label ran into financial problems and DRAUGNIM found themselves without a deal. What followed were intense years of preparation for the third opus that should be the culmination of their art.

In the year 2015, DRAUGNIM signed a deal with Debemur Morti Productions and began preparing the release of their third album. Musically DRAUGNIM can be described as Pagan Metal with majestic atmosphere and melodies. Drawing inspiration from the harsh nature and northern folklore, the Finnish trio deal with such themes as decay, corruption, despair and death. The futile struggle against all curses of mortality as famine, pestilence and madness bring nations and gods to ruin. Songs range from raw shamanistic pagan rites to more atmospheric pieces of grief unsung. So leads on their crooked path…


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