Dvvad and Defiant release Ways ov Damnation

Dvvad and Defiant release Ways ov Damnation

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On 24th of December (Odin’s Day and Lemmys birthday), Hungarian black metal band Dvvad and Croatian death metal band Defiant made a joint effort and releases their first split named Ways ov Damnation.

Ways ov Damnation was released digitally on YouTube and bandcamp, while physical copies will be available on a Hungarian underground label Tortured Tree productions.

Defiant is a death black metal band from Croatia formed in 2005. On the last 2 albums they play a melodic death metal, but after some changes in the band they decided to change their style to pure death black metal. Their last album Insurrection Icon was released in 2018 and currently working on a new album named Mammon Mantra.


DVVAD is a black metal band from Szeged, Hungary. The band formed in 2018 as a two-piece, gaining two more members not long after. There first EP titled “Burning Times” was released in the same year. They are currently working on their next release.


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