Elderblood announced details of the 3rd full-length album

Elderblood announced details of the 3rd full-length album

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Ukrainian supreme Satanic Black Metal artists Elderblood have announced the third studio album ‘Achrony’, which is scheduled for release on July, 9th. Following its way to the depth of the darkest human sides, the 10-song release is intended to become an out-of-time hymn of society’s degradation.

The album is coming on CDs via Drakkar Productions and will be also released independently in digital format.

Digital pre-order on Bandcamp:

According to the band’s leader Astargh, the theme line of the ‘Achrony’ is «the quintessence of degeneration that is presented at any time of human history». Religious obscurantism, ideologies and sects of different times and other references have found their place in the new album of Elderblood.

«This album is a walk through the ashes. You can’t exactly say whether it is left from the burnt church or from the self-immolation – all these themes are intertwined in a single tangle and from song to song create the whole atmosphere of the ‘Achrony’ and everything we wanted to tell with this album»

– the band says.

The symphonic black metal course, which was set by the previous two full-length albums (‘Son of the Morning’ 2013, ‘Messiah’ 2016), has been slightly changed to the more classical black metal approach on the new release. In the coming days, Elderblood is going to present the first single from the upcoming album, which will open the gloomy door to the ‘Achrony’ and nasty stories behind its lyrics.

1. Sparks
2. The Great Fire of Sacrifice
3. Fallen Seraphs
4. Holy Plague
5. Life Eternal
6. Virgin Land Plowed Over by Death
7. Soot
8. The One Who Has Not Yet Come
9. Sainthood’s Stench
10. The New Testament

Elderblood is a supreme satanic black metal act from Kharkiv, created in 2011 by Astargh. The first studio album ‘Son of the Morning’ was released in 2013 via Paragon Records. The band has released the second studio album ‘Messiah’ in 2016 via Osmose Productions.

Official website | Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

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