Era Capricorn launched “I Wander Alone” full album teaser

Era Capricorn launched “I Wander Alone” full album teaser

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German Atmospheric Melodic metal duo Era Capricornlaunched “I Wander Alone” full album teaser!

“We would like to send a warm “welcome” to all our fans from all over the world. We appreciate your support and are happy to see your support. We would like to finally show you all a trailer for our whole record, where you can listen to every song. The album is now available as a nice digipak from our shop, containing 8 songs with a playtime of roughly 68 minutes –”

Era Capricorn was founded in August 2016 by Marina and Alex.

The decision to found a band was made, after we realized, that we want to create our own music with our very own, specific sound. We started writing our material in February 2017 and recorded our music during August and December 2017. Finally we released our record “I wander alone” on April 9th 2018 and it is available as a digipak from our shop. The band currently consists of 2 musicians. Marina plays all keys and synths. Alex plays guitars and the bass.

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