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Eschaton “Sentinel Apocalypse”
Unique Leader Records

Eschaton is a new technical death metal band that recently released their first album, “Sentinel Apocalypse” on Unique Leader Records. To me Unique Leader Records is one of the best metal record labels at the moment, because they always discover great bands and releases quality metal albums and with the band Eschaton is no exception!!! I checked this band out as soon as I got news that they were signed to Unique Leader Records and oooh boy I was hooked. As soon as the album was released I purchased it and I am still banging my head to it. The production is just perfect, not too polished and a little dirty. There is a lot of variety in the vocals during the songs. The vocals go from growling to guttural and just crazy screaming. The songs are complex, but not too complex that you cannot follow the music. The songs are really brutal with technical solos and riffs. Behind the drum kit we have the drum beast, Darren Cesca (Pillory, Incinerate etc etc). His drumming is insane on this album just like we are used from him and it gives me the feeling that for him it is very easy to drum like a maniac on a technical album without even sweating. “Sentinel Apocalypse” is a very enjoyable technical death metal album and I cannot wait for their second release because I have a feeling that Eschaton will become better and more insane than it already is!!!


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