EVIL ARMY “Violence and War” review

EVIL ARMY “Violence and War” review

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evilarmymlpEVIL ARMY “Violence and War”
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Aaarrrggghhh!!! Fucking shit! Armageddon comes here! Evil Army, is a fucking great band from USA, and finally I got their new stuff, I waiting for a long time for! I was sure, when Evil Army will record some new stuff, it’ll be same kick ass like previous one, and I was completely right! So, “Violence and War”, the new EP from Evil Army, will be released this October on Vinyl format (MLP), and then, your fucking ears wil be bleeding and your head will headbang non-stop! Too many emotions? Yeah, because of killer musick. There are 5 songs, I know, little, but, we need quality and not quantity. “Violence and War” sounds typically for Evil Army, they still into purest form of Thrash metal, without any modern shit, but made with purest devotion to old-school fucking metal of hell. Twisted and massive guitars, drumming and angry vocals, extremely catching guitar solos and ancient atmosphere! The song “Deathbreath” remind me ancient times of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, with the same catching and freezing music, and even similar vocals from time to time. Thus Evil Army continues with thrashing madness for the fans of old and right music, so you must just wait for official release of this stuff and fucking enjoy! By several words – catching, cruel, memorable, overwhelmed by energy, bulldozing and just awesome, with a bit raw sound (again, typical for the band). Be aware, violence is coming!


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