Where Evil Follows “Portable Darkness” review

Where Evil Follows “Portable Darkness” review

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Where Evil Follows “Portable Darkness

Moribund Records

Hm, this band is pretty interesting one, first of all by line-up – from Into Eternity, Waxen… Second – by musical content. Eight tracks of such hard mixture between heavy metal, speed metal, but – based on power metal melodies and rhythms. To be honest – the very first listening comes with pretty odd moods for me, I just didn’t understand their music, i.e. it’s hard to like or dislike while very first listening.  But when I press start button second time, I started to get the point, hehe. So, this is really interesting stuff, with pretty interesting touches; sometimes Where Evil Follows sounds in the way of Italian power metal way, sometimes it mixed with some a bit modern tones, and sometimes you’ll hear strongly influenced by Iron Maiden rhytms and even vocals here and there, and also you’ll hear there MANY albums from the past. As for vocals, I do not like those high toned ones (you know, typical for power metal)… Musically we have here very awesome stuff, first of all – played technically and ala vortex way guitars, second – all those technical rhythms together with same awesome guitar solos (thx to Toby Knapp!) sounds NOT like some mess, but realy intelligent, i.e. you’ll hear both rhythm section and guitar solos apart, what is very important. Sometimes you’ll also hear some ripping heavy/speed metal tunes, fast and catching, which will force your head to headbang. As I said before – I do not like power metal vocals, but here I really do not care, i just listen to album and hear good music. Technical power metal for those who like melodic and raging at the same time stuff, with professinal played rhythms and just freezing guitar solos. Be prepare for both mid and fast rhythms, and just be aware power of metal!

P.S. Little surprise for listeners will apprear – Black Sabbath cover.


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