Exclusive song premiere: VOREUS “The Proclamation” [Sentient Ruin]

Exclusive song premiere: VOREUS “The Proclamation” [Sentient Ruin]

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German black/death metal legion Voreus debut with “The Proclamation” mini album, a twenty three-minute light-devouring hellscape of complete chaos and inhumanity that establishes the band as an implacable rising force in the elite of German extreme metal. With a massive cavernous sound, a delivery of pure and unbridled ferocity and atmospheres of complete lightlessness and abandon “The Proclamation” evokes complete hell on earth, conjuring the same otherworldly and hellish realms of aural obliteration we’ve seen in highly elitarian and evocative blackened death metal entities like Teitanblood, Temple Nightside, Vassafor, Impetuous Ritual, Pseudogod, and Proclamation. Album will be release on December 4th, 2020 on Sentient Ruin.

Today, we premiere skull-crushing track entitled “The Proclamation”, watch now!

Pre-order VOREUS “The Proclamation” here – https://sentientruin.bandcamp.com/album/the-proclamation


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