Exclusive track premiere: Sylvaine “Mørklagt”

Exclusive track premiere: Sylvaine “Mørklagt”

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The next track premiere taken from the forthcoming new SYLVAINE album, Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone (out Nov 2nd 2018 via Season Of Mist records).

“Mørklagt” was the last track written for Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone, clearly holding inspiration from the Nordic, winter landscapes, bringing the cold and icy tone of this album to the maximum and also using Norwegian lyrics for once. “Mørklagt” is one of my favorite tracks of the record; full of energy, yet forever colored by the melancholy tone that lays as a veil over this whole album. Seeing as “Mørklagt” is a bit different from the other songs, it was super inspiring to work on, both composition wise and in the studio. I don’t exclude working on more stuff like this in the future!

You can order album here: http://smarturl.it/SylvaineAtoms


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