FALLING GIANTS Drops New Single “Hopediver”

FALLING GIANTS Drops New Single “Hopediver”

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Italian Stoner/Sludgers FALLING GIANTS drop a new single “Hopediver,” a track taken from their long-awaited debut full-length album Whirlwind Hymns, set to be released on September 30th!

Listen to the “Hopediver” HERE.
Watch Lyric Video HERE.

“There’s an infinite amount of Hope in the universe, but not for us” – That’s the Kafka’s vision of world and that’s what this Song Is trying to Say to the Listener.”

– Says the band.

To Hope Is to Dive. But fear Is our anguish to be God forsaken. We build in our Life a whole perfect inner city to justify ourselves, and we are ready to use judgment to establish our security. But at the end when we see our real inward, everything will fall to Dust and we can notice backward in time that we nothing more than a diver in the Sea of Hope.”

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