FINAL COIL Release New Official Video For ‘Chemtrails’

FINAL COIL Release New Official Video For ‘Chemtrails’

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Courtesy of Grand Sounds PR:

Chemtrails is one of the album’s heaviest tracks, and possibly one of the heaviest pieces Final Coil have ever written. Philip Stiles says;

“There’s definitely some Killing Joke influence in there, not least in the vocal; while the relentless riff mirrors the overwhelming certainty implicit in the chorus – “but I won’t stop, they won’t drown me out, their lies spread, but I never doubt”. It’s a dark song, and while it’s great to play live, there’s a lingering air of violence that hangs over the piece that makes it slightly uncomfortable.”

He continues;

“For the video, we worked hard to capture that same air of paranoia and violence in a short clip. We opted to show the album’s protagonist captured, interrogated and tortured about what he knows. It’s not clear whether this takes place in reality or in his mind, but what is clear is that there’s a palpable sense of fear whipped up by these narratives, with violence very often the outcome. The clip itself was filmed on an abandoned army base, which we took over for the day. Typically, we filmed in January, which meant I spent a fun hour, lying on the dirt in a straight jacket, essentially getting waterboarded. By the time the shooting ended, I was dirty and shaking so much I could barely get out of costume, but the effect was worth it, and it stands as the best video we have done to date.”

Watch here:

The World We Inherited | Released January 16th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Final Coil are:
Philip Stiles – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Synths | Jola Stiles – Bass Guitar | Richard Awdry – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Synths

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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