FUCK OFF re-recording of “Hell On Earth” + video

FUCK OFF re-recording of “Hell On Earth” + video

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Spain’s most legedary Thrash Metal band FUCK OFF are about to unleash a new album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their 2nd album “Hell On Earth” originally released in 1990.

This album will be entitled “Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)” and contains 7 re-recorded songs from the original album (one being the song “Inquisición” but sung in english under the title of “Embraced by Religion”) as well as 4 original single versions from 1989, 2 long versions of the album tracks recorded in 2013 and 2 songs from the “Invasion” demo recorded in 2000. A total of 15 tracks in the classic Speed/ Thrash Metal style of this spanish classic band. Artwork has been again painted by greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas who already did their 2013 album “Smile As You Kill”, creating another masterpiece as you can see here.

Track list for “Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster)” is:

01. Hell On Earth (2014)
02. Blasphemy (2014)
03. Whom You Have Never to Say His Name (2014)
04. Rider From Hell (2014)
05. Embraced by Religion (2014)
06. Witch, Hell Below the Belly (2014)
07. Midnight Confession (2014)
08. Torquemada (2000 Invasion – Demo) [Bonus] 09. Cyclone Pt. IV (2000 Invasion – Demo) [Bonus] 10. Hell On Earth (2013 Long Version) [Bonus] 11. Midnight Confession (2013 Long Version) [Bonus] 12. Embrion, Witch Below the Belly (1989 Single Version 1989) [Bonus] 13. Inquisición (1989 Single Version) [Bonus] 14. Hell On Earth (1989 Single Version) [Bonus] 15. Midnight Confession (1989 Single Version) [Bonus]



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