FUCK THE FACTS “Desire Will Rot” review

FUCK THE FACTS “Desire Will Rot” review

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FUCK_THE_FACTS_Desire_Will_Rot_cover_ [800]FUCK THE FACTS “Desire Will Rot”
Noise Salvation
Aaargh! Finally I have found the time to listen to FTF and write some of my thoughts. I remember this band since I have got Fuck the Facts / S.M.E.S. split-tape back in 2001 or 2002, and I was really impressed by the musickness blown out of there through my speakers! And as I know they were highly accepted by worldwide maniacs. Fuck The Facts plays grindcore, and they do it really on high level, because you know, some bands using stupid one-chord tune and calling it “good stuff”, but FTF using really wide ideas, their music is really sick and very reach at the same time, with good technical skills. When we speaking about “Desire Will Rot” album, we have musick, where are fast grindcore tempos mixed with awesome, almost sludge slowdowns, which are crossing very well alltogether. Guitars are like a walls of killing bloody-sound (with the same killer solos even!), drumming is too mad and sounds really impressive, and fat bass lines, plus add sickest screams, and you’ll get approx picture of what FTF is all about. Also I like they using not 3 seconds “songs” but from 1:3 up to 6-7 minutes long, so this giging us enjoy by each song completely. This is awesome stuff, in comparison sounds like some mixture where Napalm Death met with Misery Index and Cephalic Carnage and then was molested on some Antigama and Pig Destroyer chaotic parts, but, in any case Fuck The Facts following its own path and filled with own ideas mainly. So, just, really, fuck all the facts and listen to “Desire Will Rot”, and if you have desired to listen to some melodic emo shit – then your desires will rot!=) Really powerful and fucking catching shit!

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