Gathering Darkness Death metal band video presentation

Gathering Darkness Death metal band video presentation

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The Decadent and Negative Death Metal / Brutal Death band from Cantabria (with CrystalMoors members) comes back with new, pessimistic and violent material.
Five new tracks are included on the brand new Split-Cd named “The Light Won’t Save You”, which is shared with Canadians Tyrants Blood (Infernal Majesty, ex- Blasphemy, ex-Witches Hammer) and their devastating mix of Death/Black/Thrash expressed in 4 tracks.
With a wall of sonic violence and a macabre design created by Mutta Studios under the premises of the band from cantabria, Gathering Darkness show their controversial and personal inspirations such as Negativity , Pessimism , Self Destruction ,
Psychological problems and Darkness coming from within .
A devastating journey through the darkest side of humanity in 5 songs.
Label: Hecatombe records

Gathering Darknesss was formed in June 1998 and initially their style was Death Metal with influences of Doom. In December of the same year Gathering Darknees played his first gig. In 2000 they released their first demo called “Sorrounded by Thorns”, leading to different concerts in different towns of their region. In 2002, after the departure of their second guitarist Julio, Nico joins the band, creating a harder sound and moving away from Doom. They recorded the demo “Suffering Into My Dreams” in 2003, which was followed by several concerts over Cantabria and the rest of the country (Spain). Shortly, Mon decided to leave the band, with a group of four people as a result. After his departure, the evolution of their music continues moving away completely from Doom Metal and going into the purest of Brutal Death. In 2005 their first album sees the light: “Pain Beholders of the Planet”, which was sponsored by Grotesque Productions, having excellent critics from the audience. This is followed by a series of concerts throughout Spain, sharing stage with other bands as Sinister, Moho, Possession, etc. Nico leaves the band in 2007 and is replaced by Kike after a while, releasing an EP in 2009 called “Desolation” (which is avaiable to download online) giving a new progression in the band’s sound. With the realease of this EP, Gathering Darkness performed with bands like Misery Index, Legacy of Brutality, The Ocean, Internal Suffering… Finally in 2010, after the departure of their bassist Fernando “Bile”, they decided to recruit another guitarist and a new bassist, David and Toño and recorded a new Split-Cd called “The Light Won’t Save You” along with Canadian Tyrants Blood, edited by Hecatombe Records, giving another step in the band’s sound. Since its creation to the present times, the concept and lyrics of Gathering Darkness differ from other bands of Brutal Death Metal and Death Metal, as it deals with human decay and desolation, negativity, psychological problems, self destruction, Pessimism… everything surrounded by the Darkness that comes from within. A dark and pessimistic propaganda that is not made for all ears and minds. It’s current members are: Founders Lavín “Uruksoth” (CrystalMoors, In Luna, Misere Nobis, Crisischrist, Sun of the Dying, ex-Forestdome) and Jesus, vocals/lyrics and drums respectively, and Kike (CrystalMoors,ex-Bittencross) guitar, Toño “Jhaldreen” bass and David guitar.

Lavín “Uruksoth”: Vocals and Lyrics
Jesus: Drums
Kike: Guitar
David: Guitar
Toño “Jhaldreen”: Bass

-“Sorrounded by Thorns”: Demo-Cd (Autoeditado)
-“Suffering into my Dreams”: Demo-Cd (Autoeditado)
-“The New Beginning”: Promo-Cd (Autoeditado)
-“Beholders of the Pain Planet”: Cd (Grotesque Prod.)
-“Desolation”: Ep (Internet Ep)
-“The Light Won ́t Save You”: Split-Cd (Hecatombe Records)

-Bloody Compilation I: (Bloody ́Zine)
-Metal Ostentation Vol.5: (Enclave Productions)
-Iberian Pride: (Bleak ́Zine)
-Xtreemities Compilation Vol.2: (Xtreem Music)
-From Hell Till Death: (From Hell Till Death)

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