Ars Thelema Unveils Their Debut LP: A Journey into Self-Knowledge through Melodic Death Metal

Ars Thelema Unveils Their Debut LP: A Journey into Self-Knowledge through Melodic Death Metal

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Ars Thelema, the enigmatic band of melodic death metal, have unleashed their inaugural masterpiece, a concept album that delves deep into the labyrinthine corridors of human psyche and spirituality. Titled “Et in Arcadia Ego” this long-awaited LP comprises ten tracks, each a mesmerizing narrative woven with threads of occultism, esotericism, mythology, and psychology.

At the helm of “Et in Arcadia Ego” is a musical odyssey that beckons listeners to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. From the foreboding whispers of “The Dark,” an instrumental prelude that sets the stage for introspection, to the haunting crescendo of “Dominatrix 93 93,” a requiem that echoes the album’s thematic crescendo, Ars Thelema invites enthusiasts to traverse the shadowy realms of the human condition.

The album’s tracks are veritable portals, transporting audiences to realms both mythical and arcane. “Lycanthropia” thrusts listeners into the tumultuous psyche of Lycaon, the King of Arcadia, as he grapples with his lupine affliction, while “Path to Karnak” serves as a pilgrimage through the sacred chambers of the Pharaohs, delving into the forbidden secrets of divinity hidden within the Temple of Karnak.

“Et in Arcadia Ego” and “Epitaph” serve as poignant reflections on mortality, with the former exploring the inevitability of death amidst the paradisiacal landscapes of Arcadia, and the latter providing a somber denouement to the journey, lamenting the descent into the shadows of the self.

Among the album’s most haunting offerings are “ShubNiggurath” and “Satanica,” which pay homage to Lovecraftian deities and the enigmatic figure of Lilith, the Dark Mother Divine, respectively. Meanwhile, “Dominatrix” and its accompanying official video immerse audiences in a ritualistic tapestry of sex, magic, and adoration for the divine feminine.

Central to the album’s thematic tapestry is “Ars Thelema,” a powerful anthem that echoes the foundational tenets of Thelema, encapsulated in the immortal words: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

As the final notes of “Dominatrix 93 93” fade into silence, listeners are left with a profound invitation – to embark on their own odyssey of self-discovery and to embrace the path to absolute greatness.

With “Et in Arcadia Ego,” Ars Thelema has not only redefined the boundaries of melodic death metal but has also forged a sonic gateway to the depths of human consciousness. Prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other.

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