German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE Announce New Album, Unveil First Single

German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE Announce New Album, Unveil First Single

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German Melancholic Dark Metallers AUTUMNBLAZE have announced a new album, titled ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen,’ set to be released via Argonauta Records in early 2024.

Meanwhile, the band has unveiled the first single/music video for ‘Niedertracht.’ Check it out here:

The band shares their thoughts on ‘Niedertracht’:

‘Niedertracht,’ stands as one of our most profound artistic creations. Its music and lyrics poured forth like an impassioned river. We earnestly aspire for its message condemning war and violence to reach even those ensnared by the chaos of conflict.‘ – Markus (vocals, guitars, bass)

Arisjel (drums & percussion) adds: ‘Awakening from a profound slumber, we hold a mirror to a world on the edge. Our new single, ‘Niedertracht,’ part of the album ‘Auf zerfetzten Schwingen,’ is a bold, energetic statement about the current state of humanity. It encapsulates the album’s essence, offering a raw reflection of our world’s complexities.

In response to the chaos of divisive cries, the creative forces behind Autumnblaze, Markus and Arisjel, abandoned original ideas for a new album in 2022. Within weeks, a blank canvas transformed into “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen,” the eighth studio album. Using only German lyrics, the album serves as a powerful manifesto against war and violence. Delving into themes of love, loneliness, death, impermanence, and loss, the music is a raw and passionate expression against the backdrop of global unrest.

Recorded and produced by Autumnblaze between May and November 2022, with the legendary Markus Stock adding his touch in March 2023, “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” stands as a warning against the spiral of violence.

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